Quarantine All Together, a Playlist Project

COMMUNITY PROJECT: Quarantine All Together.

Quarantine All Together is a project that started during COVID-19 in 2019/2020. All these playlists are a reflection of the need for community and the connection of all of us through bad times. We hope that you can find some entertainment and joy through these playlists and join us if you want to by sending us yours too. Thank you.


If you want to be part of this movement:

  • Build a playlist, the amount of songs is not important, just give it a sense if you can. Ours, for example, have titles with reasons to stay together!
  • Name it “Quarantine All Together – (and whatever else you want)” so they’re really easy to find them all in Spotify. If you want to add a cool description and point the people to Indiemono for them to do the same, do it!
  • Give it a cover with a picture of whatever makes you happy,if you can use your own pictures, way better. If you want to add a text over it, here’re our titles in PNG and a PSD if you want them: View in Google Drive 
  • Send your playlist (URL, any platform) and your artwork (best Drive or Dropbox.)
  • We’ll upload it to this browse as soon as we can.