Playlist Workflow

Congrats! Your song has been selected to be featured in the Indiemono playlists ecosystem. First of all, let us explain you a few interesting details about it.


We want to let you know that by pitching/submiting songs to indiemono, you’re not only trying to connect with our direct audience (more than 1 million listeners a month), you’re also pitching to the Spotify algorithm. As recognized music tastemakers by the platform, our playlists are being used as ‘testers’, so you’re increasing your chances to be feature in official Spotify playlists (like Fresh Finds or Discovery Weekly).

So, you can potentially reach larger audiences. It all depends on your performance in Spotify and the ability of your song to generate engagement with our audience, but we can let you know some good tips about how you can actually increase more your Spotify engagement. For example you could share in your socials your songs using the spotify url. It’s the same with playlists, if you’re featured in one of our playlists, you’ll have more chances to hit the algorithms if the playlists have more presence in socials using the Spotify url to share (so we encourage you to share our playlists in your socials!)

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These are some of our Discovery Playlists – visit our full catalogue of playlists here.


At the same time, we have our own playlists hierarchy in indiemono based on discovery, genre and mood playlists. So, the first common step is to be featured in our discovery playlists where we try to highlight the most undiscovered and brilliant new songs we find on Spotify. This is a really dynamic process where songs flows frequently between mood and genres playlists based on their performance on our discovery playlists. We’re really happy that you’re now part of this process, so we’ll try our best to make your song succeed in our system reaching the right audiences.

Welcome to indiemono, hope your music find their place in our playlists and you can build the first steps of an awesome and amazing trip on the streaming universe!