What does it mean to be one of our partners?

  • Direct weekly pitching with us.
  • Priority proposals for Banana Music exchange/releases.
    • Our Digital label/distribution system is open for feats and collaborations.
  • Trading communications if we fit together.
    • We have a trading system with different brands, curators and services.
      We like to open communications and weekly exchanges – but we have to fit together in genres and influence.
  • Your playlists in our Playlist Browse.
    • We’ll host some of your selections in our playlist roster for our website visitors to check.
  • We can talk about collaborative playlists – be a curator expert for Indiemono.
    • We have some playlists from experts in different genres – tell us about your skills.
  • Be present as a partner in your site, and host us in your network too!
    • We’ll display your logo, collaborate in posts and presence in our socials.

Release Music together. Join forces with both our brands to launch music properly
This is an advanced way to work together that we’re so eager to explore.

Ready to be part of our friends and collaborators? Submit your proposal below, fill up the form!