New Indie / Alternative Historic Archive

Here’s a monthly selection recap of one of the most important playlists in our catalog.

New Indie / Alternative monthly playlist started in 2011 and was one of the first selections on Indiemono. The idea started because we always loved to save and showcase the best music we found every month, and Spotify kind of made the work easier than editing low-quality videos or plain cassettes (the very origin!). The transition of the idea jumped from our very close friends to more than 20 thousand people every month.

We started creating selections based on every alternative song released during the month. The filter is based on around 80 songs and is completely unrelated to the influence and projection of the artists selected. The result is a playlist with what we consider the best alternative (sometimes really undiscovered) music that is out less than a month ago. In time, we standardized a playlist model that we’re repeating consistently until today.

We invite you now on a trip to discover what was hot every year. Dive into our archive, you only need Spotify!