Can you remember the last time you had musical crush? And the last time you found out yourself at 6am burning up a videogame? Our core works with that feeling as a main factor. The rest of our charm comes with believing things can be done  in a different way.  We work daily to bring you the most special stuff of the indie scene, that hidden stuffies that still can get you all hyped up and kept unnoticed all the time, until now, of course.

Indiemono is quite a recent project, built up altogether with a bunch of monkeys with a really personal view, so we don’t really share an “corporation” way-of-doing, we give value and judge everything according to the quality, the hard work and the ability to make people happy.

We’re music passionate beings, we try to be updated, looking for the most fresh and unique content in the indie panorama, while we’re dancing between the casual and the fuckin’ weird stuff.

Not bragging of being the best in our jobs, we just have a genuine taste for certain things, a special sense of curiosity, time enough for monkey business and the ability to get surprised and share everything in the process.

Our criteria is not for sale, all our content is classified and valued by our monkey crew; they decide when the quality and color is adequate for us, despite the money lost or the bad reputation gained… We’re Indiemono and want to keep being so, preserve the essence with a clean core and a smile.

Indiemono wants to express unique and original opinions, so, if you take any offense on our content, you know what you should do! Give us your opinion too (we love feedback) but please, don’t blame the monkey, don’t blame our workline.

We try to approach the people by sharing their point of view, we give credit on any opinion and again, the hard work. If you feel like sharing your work or you feel somehow special, don’t hesitate and send us your stuff, our monkeys will figure out what to do with it.

We love sharing and learning every day, get better, be sharper. Send us your thoughts freely; it will sure worth it.

With love- The Indiemono Team