Release Day: The first week of your song’s life

The song is out, everything is exciting – but you have to keep working to get your song to as many listeners as possible. Here’re a few tips to keep tickling the algorithms and best practices to share and connect with people. Check out the tips for pre-release if you missed some of the points before this guide.

Here’s a small to-do-list that you might want to check for the first week (Friday to next Sunday).

  • First of all, it’s so important to share the song in social networks. During this first week it’s even more important that your song is shared than listened. As an artist you can prompt your fanbase and friends to share your new song through the main platforms – for example, using the Spotify desktop/mobile app’s ‘Share’ presets.
  • We’ll share the song too (Stories, Facebook, Twitter…). If this is well done, the song might get into VIRALS, which is pretty important to artists new in the market. It’s not that complicated because it’s not done that usually – people copy/paste the links, so it’s important to have this in mind.
  • Share the song with your facebook contacts via Messenger (20-30 contacts, for example) pulling the song from the Spotify app.
  • Through Instagram Stories with the hashtag #music and if you like, your  location. This is done via the app too.
  • The same as an Instagram normal post with (if possible) audio of the song + hashtags related to the song by mood and genre + #music.
  • Hashtags are one of the main tactics brands use to get their posts and Stories in front of new followers. But don’t go overboard with the hashtagging. Five to ten is best practice, according to recent research.
  • There is a new feature called InstagramTV where you can upload full length videos in mobile resolution. Feel free to explore it if you have a good Instagram fanbase.
  • During the first 3 days, share the song from your artist channel into Facebook / Twitter pulling from Spotify and Apple apps and tagging @Spotify and @AppleMusic in each post – relative to the platform where you’re sharing from, of course.
  • Artist Pick. Now that the song is online, remember to add the song up to the first position and change the description to be updated and change the ‘Available On’.
  • Spotify For Artists. If you haven’t finished your profile, now it’s the time to do so. Take care of displaying the social networks as it’s one of the most important things to have in display.
  • Apple Connect. remember to share your song!
  • Starting Monday, a new cycle of shares begins. This may serve for stories, individual posts in IG, Twitter or Facebook.
    • For every independent curator that shares the song it’s important that you tag, mention and give thanks for the addition. This builds nice rep for a future relationship.
    • For every official partner that shares the music in their playlists. “Thanks @Spotify for the add!” “Thank you @Digster…” and so on.
    • We’ll send you a list with the playlists/services to mention and highlight with @. We’ll also give you recommendations of which are the most important to prioritize shares (for example, don’t exceed in more than 2 mentions a day per platform, prioritizing IG for important mentions).

Now it’s time to keep building connections and approach people that might be compatible with your music. It’s time to be present in social networks and approach written media to be published in digital magazines. All the noise you can make is useful, even if you feel a bit spammy at first.

As a last and so important resource if you know how to navigate through it is reddit. Subreddits like r/music are open to receive new music – except for Fridays that are discussion only, while Saturdays are the best for the purpose (new and original music only). You can find hundreds of places where you can share your songs in the community. Be sure to create an account and gather some karma before posting anywhere. If you want to know more about this we can discuss about it – drop an email to

As a final note, we’ll receive support for your song during the weeks after your release. We’ll prepare a brief summary of profiles where the song was placed so you have a chance to tag them in your socials and give them some love. This part is so important as curators are working every day receiving music most of the time with only some credit in return. We’ll reach you out to make these credits visible – and bear in mind that streaming services are also run by curators that love to be tagged as well.

Having these tips and considerations in mind, you’ll have a brilliant release for sure.
Best of lucks!