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So you probably know us – playlists are our world, we stress the importance of finding music through independent channels like ours; unbiased, pure and close to the artists. Our taste is sharped day by day with the hundreds of submissions received daily; bad news for some artists, good news for others and a glorious sensation when you collide with THAT band or artist that makes a total difference.

So we create playlists. These playlists are filled up with what we consider the best, and we are tenacious, we love our work.

Maybe you know about us.


Through our playlists we receive thousands of listeners every month, delivering millions of streams to the most brilliant, undiscovered and interesting projects. We’re always eager to start projects and expand our playlist pool for the audiences to be updated and mood-covered. These five years have been incredible and we want to share our pride for playlists with you.

If you’re interested in being one with us, we can share your playlist in our site’s browse and make accessible for our audiences.


How should you do it?

Fill up the form where you can directly send your submission 🙂



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