Sunday Excursion


Sunday Excursion by Paul the Neighbour


Paul the Neighbour is an Amsterdam based music maker whose style mixes influences from 60s psychedelia with modern-day bedroom pop. His debut album Sunday Excursion is at its core a DIY project focused on capturing his life in an honest & authentic way. Having created every stage of this album independently has paints a highly intimate portrait of Paul: an independent artist with a love for doing things his own way and not always falling in a specific category but rather creating his own.

The energetic & jangly track Spring is the perfect song to kick off the new season and what feels like a light at the end of the tunnel of the past 2 years. The song was written after admiring life return to the streets on the first day of spring and the inability to focus on anything else besides the sun.

The album’s name is honouring a weekly tradition of getting out of the city every Sunday. It’s all about friends, nature and fun! It gave Paul a weekly creative reset and is what kept him going the past year. With his debut LP out, Vinyls available, and a release show booked, Paul is ready to establish himself both digitally and physically in the indie scene.