Now What


Now What by thom.ko


thom.ko gears up for the rollout of his first project “Dimensions As Language” set to release in September. After a winter filled with ideation and new collaborators, along with playing his first festival show at M3F Fest in Arizona, he emerges with a cohesive project that shines a light on the multi-dimensional aspect of art and where it fills in where language fails. thom.ko strives to push the belief that art is immersive in manners of aesthetics and sonics while simultaneously creating an experience that is intimate and communal.

Now What” is a song about exactly that, NOW WHAT? A tongue-in-cheek holistic approach to thinking outside of yourself to find what’s next, in a life of ebbs and flows. Thinking through his next steps in his relationships and life is what thom.ko attempts to do here, but at times finds himself over analyzing things to his own demise. The song is centered around a repeating organ loop that is playful, lofi, and maintains a warmth throughout the track. This coupled with a more raspy delivery creates a unique pairing that makes the song feel nostalgic yet not sacrificing creative ingenuity. This first step is a welcomed return to a sound that is familiar to past fans but continues to search for new sounds, setting the stage for two additional singles and the 8 song project.