Distribution Basic Board

Everything inside The Orchard’s Dashboard is confidential, so please don’t share screenshots in public spaces.

Welcome! If you are here, you’re having access to your own workstation in The Orchard. Every section can be explored at your own pace and it’s very self-explanatory. Catalog will hold your distributed songs and Analytics where you can see their performance. Accounting will display your earnings and if your region supports it, you’ll also see Insights. Be sure to explore the Help section or ask us for help anytime through email or Discord.


This is a summary of ideas that the workstation uses to organize the information;
SUBACCOUNT; a workgroup, for admin purposes; every person under a workgroup can see the performance, the accounting, etc of what we have inside. As an example, an artist with a manager would be a subaccount. This is administrative and we’ll provide new subaccounts in the event of group collaborations.
PROJECT;  Administrative too; it can be an EP, an album, or a group of individual singles. It’s a group to sort products in the workstation. For example; we use ‘Single Box’ as a project to have all the individual singles sorted together for an artist – if they become an EP or album, we move them to other projects. A project can also be every single (product) and the album (product) those singles belong to.
PRODUCT; the specific singles, albums, or EPs that will go live on the DSPs.


If you haven’t yet, please fill up this account setup form for all the people included in your account.
Bear in mind that they will have eyes over all your releases on the platform (including Accounting details).
If you want to give limited access to them (for example, only Analytics but not Accounting), reach us out with details.

Our workflow for marketing after a release is scheduled looks like this:

  • When the song is set up, we receive notice that the songs are online in Spotify and Apple Music, so we prepare a pre-release landing page (pre-save + artist follow).
  • After the song is released, the pre-release link becomes a Standard Landing Page so you can share a link tree, similar to link fire where all the streaming services are hosted.
  • Both landing pages have a Dashboard we can share for you to see the results of saves and clicks if you’re interested.

We usually ask artists to do the insertion of the metadata by themselves so there is no confusion and everything is done specifically as they want. After a product is ready to be filled up, we’ll send you a link to the catalog dashboard.

We’ll have to get into every part (Basics, Artwork, Tracks…) and fill them up with the metadata of the product. Only asterisk fields are needed.
When a section is correct, a green checkmark appears (just like in Territory Restrictions in the image).

  • Basics: it’s the most important info of the product/artist. It’s essential to find and link the artists correctly in the Primary Artist section.
    • Regarding imprint and copyright, you can choose who to credit considering the ownership of the master rights.
  • Artwork; 3000x3000px minimum.
  • Tracks: probably the most important part. Fill it up with care and check out the basic requirements The Orchard asks (like filling up the Performers section).
    • ISRC has to be assigned by the Orchard.
    • The preview is the start point where the platforms like TikTok will get the timings from.
  • Scheduling and Pricing: choose the date and establish the parameters for pre-purchases if you’re eager to.
  • Territory Restrictions: don’t touch this unless you don’t want a country to have your song published.
  • Publishing Obligation: you’re ultimately holding the publishing rights of your songs, so everything here is 100% controlled by you. We’ll take care of your mechanical royalties for as long as you’re in The Orchard with us. This field is an important part for artists with a contract on publishing. You can read more about it here.
When everything is done please don’t click on Validate the product, we’ll do it ourselves 🙂
We’ll be connecting with you live if you need more help. After you’re done uploading a song or two, you’ll be a master of distribution!


We like to work with at least 3 weeks, but the limit is 2 weeks to send the song for distribution and send the official pitch to Spotify and Apple Music.

We’ll take care of submitting the products and sending the pitch, and we’ll follow up to have everything perfectly ready.
We have to talk to The Orchard for every review and send everything (distro and pitch) at the same time.


You will have access to your earnings under the Accounting section.
We process the earnings through bank account transfers. For now, it doesn’t support Paypal.
Indiemono takes care of the accounting monthly if the recipients are set up. If you need to, we can hold the funds for 6 months while you work on the bank setup. We are automating the process as much as we can. Fill up the form to include splits or send it to the relevant involved collaborators to add their split.

¿Questions and doubts? Well, write to us directly via email or in Discord and we’ll be as quick as possible 😉