Leg Puppy


Leg Puppy

South Londons Leg Puppy are fans of bingo, dancing goats, masks & ballons. The electro-psych outfit, offer a satirical attack on the modern world, with Selfie Stick (Narcissistic Prick), Twit Machine T12, Meds and Beer & Your profile is dope.

Heavily influenced by classic TV shows inc Nathan Barley & Black Mirror. Behind the satire is a ban with something to say, tackling issues such as gambling addiction in Paycheck (Take My Life) & property developers who are killing culture in She’s Lost Her Soul.

Their live shows have been compared to the early days of The KLF, although the band are yet to earn 1M pounds, they did get a free orange squash at an unnamed London venue. Footage of the band pouring the whole bottle down the plug hole can be found on their YouTube channel.