Camo Columbo, Tropical Vibes and a Summer Spell

Close your eyes.  Well just close one or you won't be able to read.  Imagine yourself at a tropical beach. You can feel the warm breeze in your face. The smell of coconut while your skin is toasting under the sun. An exotic bird sounds in the distance. A gentle laugh that speaks another language.… Continue reading

Dear Apollo: How music can connect the world

THE BRILLIANT STORY OF FAR AWAY FRIENDS GETTING TOGETHER IN MUSIC - WITH DROPBOX!   We have a soft spot for genuine stories, even more when it's about indie creators. We recently discovered Dear Apollo, a band formed by Anthony Dicembre and Ben Robinson; two friends in the distance brought together by music. Reading their interviews… Continue reading

2 Brand New Services & Patreon Announcement

WE START A NEW JOURNEY OF EXPANSION TODAY MONTHLY SPOTIFY COMPILATIONS, RELEASE CAMPAIGNS AND OUR PATREON Today is a really exciting day for us. We're taking a step further thanks to you and your excellent response on our implemented free system for music submissions. We came up with new exciting ways to boost your careers… Continue reading

12 Alternative Music Friday’s Highlights / 20 Oct 17

OUR UPDATES FOR THIS NEW MUSIC FRIDAY - ALTERNATIVE VERSION! MEET OUR MOST UPDATED ALTERNATIVE MUSIC FRIDAY PLAYLIST Indiemono's Alternative Music Friday (or Today's Alternative) is an updated playlist that wants to make the Alternative music more accessible, easy for you to check what's released every week. We check every source for new releases and… Continue reading

20 Independent Spotify Playlists You Should Know

PLAYLISTS ARE THE NEW MIX-TAPES DONE FOR YOUR FRIENDS - OR WITH THE WHOLE WORLD THESE ARE THE 20 PLAYLISTS, IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, THAT WE LOVE AND ADMIRE. Let's talk about skill and care for playlists. The following independent playlists are really important for us as a source of music discovery or (even more important)… Continue reading