5 Awesome Songs For Your Weekend Sountrack!

It's Friday and weekend is all over us! There's time for dancing plans, chill with friends or play video games till your fingers hurt. Any plan you choose, we've got music recommendations for you to give sound to your weekend with the best tracks. Here's a list of music for your Friday discovery, different genres… Continue reading

Lately, the sound of loneliness by Rival and Conor Byrne

There's a side of electronic pop that is the answer to a new wave of artists that want to shine in sound and vocals - with a twist. You can find yourself deep down into Lately, where melancholy, beauty and peace find themselves and harmonise with your soul. After the amazing response of Thinking About You, Rival teams up… Continue reading

Camo Columbo, Tropical Vibes and a Summer Spell

Close your eyes.  Well just close one or you won't be able to read.  Imagine yourself at a tropical beach. You can feel the warm breeze in your face. The smell of coconut while your skin is toasting under the sun. An exotic bird sounds in the distance. A gentle laugh that speaks another language.… Continue reading

Major and the Monbacks – Spotlight!

Their genre is defined as Rock n' Roll & Pyschedelic-Soul - it's amazing how their sound can bring you to another decade, golden and grand. They're from Norfolk, Virginia and their sound is clean, upbeat and energized. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHfMcMT0IYo   They take our playlist this week to bring you the best sound that they feel important to highlight. Their… Continue reading