2021 HITS: Best New Artists of 2021 (new emerging artists you’ll listen to in 2022)

2021 HITS: Best New Artists of 2021 (new emerging artists you’ll listen to in 2022)
11th December 2021 sandra
Lalisa Rising star from 2021

The year is almost over and we think it’s time to list the best new artists of 2021. We think these artists are worth mentioning as they have the potential to shape next year’s music scene… At least that’s our opinion 👿


1. Måneskin


Maneskin beggin'


Italia is trending and Måneskin are the reason why with their “They ask me why so hot? cause I’m italiaaaaaano“. Since they won the Eurovision contest, the world has surrendered to them. It isn’t exactly what they asked for but….( Listen to their song I Wanna Be Your Slave for reference)

Not only they made Italia trendy but they also brought back rock music to younger generations, which is always good news.

The band was formed in 2016. At the early stages of their career, they used to busk in the streets but they started to gain popularity after being runner-ups in the Italian version of X-Factor. The band is composed of vocalist Damiano David, bassist Victoria De Angelis, guitarist Thomas Raggi, and drummer Ethan Torchio.

Their looks and sound have been compared to 70s rock music and the members have cited various musical and fashion influences including Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, David Bowie, Arctic Monkeys…

If you like their sound you should listen to their last single… MAMMAMIA.



2. The Kid Laroi

The Kid Laroi & Justin bieber - Stay

Yes, you’re right. He and Justin Bieber really look alike. The Kid LAROI, an Australian rapper and singer, gained some recognition for his collaborations with Juice Wrld. However, he is best known for his singles Go, “Let Her Go” “Diva” and “Stay” with Justin Bieber.


3. carolesdaughter


She was raised in a Mormon household while having a strong interest in how to play an instrument but wasn’t allowed to listen to much music beyond what was played on the radio or at church. “I didn’t even know what metal or hardcore was until I got a phone and computer. I wasn’t allowed to use headphones as a kid because my parents wanted to hear what we were listening to”. All of this changed when she saw a Black Flag logo tattoed on someone’s leg. She googled it and discovered punk music. After confronting her strict education and recovering from drug addiction, she started writing music and uploading her songs to Soundcloud. Then, she went viral with “Violent”


4. Fousheé

Foushee deep end

It wasn’t an easy ride for Fousheé: her feathery voice went viral on TikTok after she recorded some vocals for a royalty-free sample that rapper Sleepy Hallow used without crediting her. She took to TikTok to identify herself and released the full version of the track, granting her exposure to a massive new audience, followed by a record deal with RCA.

5. Giveon


Giveon - Heartbreak Anniversary

American singer and songwriter Giveon started to gain popularity after being featured on Drake’s Chicago Freestyle and now he’s become internationally known after appearing in Justin Bieber’s hit Peaches.

His latest project, When It’s All Said and Done … Take Time is a compilation of his first two projects that even got a Grammy nomination for best R&B album. Giveon, who is inspired by 60s-70s jazz music, is known for his baritone vocals and soulful style. There’s no doubt that he is one of the best new artists of 2021, and we can’t wait to hear more from him next year. 


6. Mimi Webb


Mimi Webb best artist 2021


Mimi Webb is a British singer and songwriter. Her biggest influences are Adele, Amy Winehouse and Sam Smith but she’s also into Jazz and classic artists like Etta James or Ella Fitzgerald. She released her debut single “Before I Go” in April 2020, which was featured by Tik Tok star Charli D’Amelio and quickly got into the charts.

7. Tai Verdes

Tai Verdes - AOK

Tai Verdes is an American songwriter and singer that became famous after his song Stuck In The Middle went viral on Tik Tok.  But before all of this happened, he was already releasing music under the name of “Tylersemicolon”. Then he decided to change his name and switch styles until the Tik Tok community started to notice his music.


Lisa - MONEY : 2021 Hits

Lisa was already known for her career on the k-pop band BLACKPINK and she recently made her solo debut with the single “LALISA“, which exudes self-confidence and power. The album sold over 736,000 copies in its release week in South Korea, making her the first female artist to do so.


If you wanna be updated on the greatest hits, follow our playlist. You’ll find some of the best new artists of 2021 and the biggest hits of the year. We won’t disappoint you! Promised.


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