The Prussians


The Prussians

The Prussians are  Dominic Massó, Tino Lucena, Ferchu Vallejos, Pau Enric Serra y Juan David Ayora, a band that creates music with an electronic groove vibe from the island of Mallorca. Influences include Glass Animals, Balthazar, RY X, Crooked Colours and ALT-J.Following their first EP ‘The Hills’ (2013), debut album ‘Mul Mul’ (2014) and EP ‘Kerala’ (2016), their last album “Karma” launched in 2018, the band evolves their sound constantly with different sounds and melodies.

Constantly in the search for freshness and a more mature relevant sound all the tracks for the up and coming album “Mantra” out the 12.02.2021 are produced and mixed at the leader of the band, Dominic Massós’, home studio, Karma Records Spain. Flow, beats and catchy tunes guaranteed.

The Prussians reveal the evolution of their sound in their 3rd album “Mantra”. The 5-piece band from Mallorca, made in Spain yet with a clear international flair transports us to a more soulful and electronic groove vibe. A transformation we have seen in the singles that have already been released like Make It Better , If You Don’t Mind and Ride that have received great support on National radio. On the agenda are shows in Spain, Benelux and Sweden already in 2021.

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november 2020