Ricky Ducati


Ricky Ducati

Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Ricky Ducati grew up in a house full of music. He found his passion for experimenting with various genres of music and began creating loops using a computer program gifted to him by his younger brother. In 2010, he posted his first couple of songs on Myspace, which received some press from a popular music blog, Pitchfork. While still in his first semester of audio school, Ricky sent a Myspace message to Empire of the Sun producer Donnie Sloan and eventually dropped out of school and moved to London with Donnie to start Mignithgt to Monaco.

In 2016, Midnight to Monaco was signed by Island Records in the United States and the due moved to Los Angeles, California. Late that year, Møme released ‘Alive’, a remix of Midnight to Monaco’s song ‘Suicide’, which became Mighnigh to Monaco’s highest streamed song. After Island Records decided to drop the band from the label in 2017, Ricky began working as a songwriter behind artists such as Alec Benjamin, Tchami, and Devault, garnering over 200 million+ streams.

Over the last 3 years, Ricky worked on a catalog of his own, and in 2019, he reconnected with the producer, Møme, to fine-tune their first electronic album “Flashback FM” taking the listener on a trip back in time through the glorious musical past of the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s.

Now in 2021 Ricky seeks to broaden in music style and intends to release more music later in the year.

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