Kilate Tesla


Kilate Tesla

KILATE TESLA is an artist born in Curacao who has moved to The Netherlands to enhance his career. KILATE was the lead singer of the music group Tony Montana Music, which is worldwide famous for the song ‘ Bala – Original Mix ‘, which went viral and still goes viral in clubs all over the world. The song of hit maker KILATE even got featured in the biggest Bollywood movie of 2019 named ‘Bala’. This song also led to KILATE performing his music in India.

The multilingual artist is a rising Latin star and works together with hit producers Puri , Architrackz and Alex Sargo . Especially with Puri, KILATE released a lot of music, such as the singles: ‘ Palo ’, ‘ Metelo ’ and ‘ Mala Fama ‘. Together, these singles have over 15 million streams. Palo alone exceeded 8 million streams and got incorporated in the super popular show ‘SavageXFenty’ by Rihanna.

KILATE’s most special single until now, is ‘ Juntos ’ with Ir Sais. This song is a tribute to his childhood friend who sadly passed away. KILATE transmuted his heartfelt emotions into the creation process of this song, which helped him grieving. To capture this special story, KILATE and Ir Sais flew to Medellín (Colombia) to create a resonating videoclip.

In 2022, the emerging Latin superstar is bound to release multiple singles and ultimately his solo debut EP. Stay tuned!

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