Humble Armada


Humble Armada

Humble Armada are an evolving alternative rock group based in Perth, WA. Inspired by the Australian psychedelic explosion of the 2010’s, Humble Armada started as a digital moniker for demo recordings by multi-instrumentalist Matt Simich. In response to a small buzz, these tracks were revamped and released as the group’s debut EP The Door, which was coupled by the formation of the band including guitarist Ollie Kable, drummer Patch Carlton, bassist Luke Peachey, and synthesist Ben Giangiulio.

Afterwards, Humble Armada immediately began work on their debut album All Around You. This record shows Humble Armada in their most indulgent and immersive light, leaping unapologetically through a maze of 60s rock cliches that balance between post-modernism and full-blown tribute. AAY condenses all the trials and tribulations of a forgotten rock band into 42 minutes of “ramshackle glory”, and has cemented Humble Armada as a creative force in the upcoming Australian music scene. It’d also be remised to not mention the success of the album’s promotional run, which included hosting Life on Margs Fest, Hurry Away Festival, and a coastal tour of South WA.

Featured release

Tend To

january 2023

Ponder Around

december 2022

Hidden Angels

september 2022