Harley Bird


Harley Bird

Just a city boy… Harley Bird was born and raised in the heart of L.A. from busking on the streets, to gigging in every club this side of the San Andreas fault, to performing in the home of Berry Gordy himself, Harley is no stranger to all things music. Previously known as the front man for the alternative/rock band ‘the shadow heist’ (2014-2016), Harley has since been offering his unmistakable vocal and lyrical abilities to electronic dance music producers. “…[Harley Bird] has an attractive vocal tone, and puts real feeling into the lyrics.” – keep walking music in just a few years time, her has been featured on Sirius XM Radio, amassed over 75 million total streams on Spotify (in addition to being featured on over 70 Spotify curated playlists), signed to Spinnin Records and no copyrights sounds, debuted a music video on television, charted in the iTunes France Top 100 (for ‘dance music’), and so much more.

With multiple award winning, self-made music videos as professionally crafted as the songs they were inspired by, he is truly an entertainment force on all fronts. Having garnered support from the like of Alan Walker, Morgan Page, The Chainsmokers, and more to collaborations with Maiana Bo and NCS powerhouse artist unknown brain, Harley Bird is making his mark and on the way to becoming a household name.

Featured release

Feeling It

april 2021