AViVA based out of LA ins’t afraid of baring all in her music as she explores in exquisite depth, the themes of control and isolation. AViCA describes her songs as being about the “Outsider experience” something clearly expressed in both her lyrics and the sonic palate of her catalog. AViVA and her unique alt pop-rock emo sound has created a growing groundswell online, building a strong community of fans- her iOUTSiDERS’. Her music is inextricably connected to the story she’s weaving in her debut novel SELF/LEFF. AViVA has amassed over 3 Billion streams globaly, and she can’t for this pandemic to stop rearing its ugly head, so she can get on the road and meet all her beloved OUTSiDERS in the flesh.

Featured release

Back from the Dead

april 2022