• Description : Summer HOT Hits! Updated Every New Music Friday. SUMMER: Best Hits & Fresh Songs.
  • Updates : Every Friday.
  • Main Audience : US, Germany & UK
  • Created in : 2012

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Summer is not a music genre playlist, it’s a fresh music playlist open to different styles and different artists and bands that fits well in the playlist hyphotesis. It’s always really personal to build a mood playlist focused on something generic as Summer. Everyone have their own soundtrack for every single summer in their lifes, so we should understand this playlist as the best music selection for your Summer 2018 by indiemono’s curators. A completely subjective opinion based on our own criteria, well, I would say based on our independent criteria, cause the independent nature of our editorial criteria is what makes Summer 2018 a unique playlist. Maybe this is the reason why the playlist is growing really fast, cause we’re offering something unique there. Yes, we’re featuing some well-known artists and a great number of HITS, but there’re also some other undiscovered songs that perfectly fits in our Summer music imaginary. So, maybe this is what make our Summer 2018 playlist a special one, and one of the most listened playlists in the indiemono ecosystem (and actually worldwide). Thank you all for make it possible!