Pelorus – Alive · Indie Alternative

A month old in Spotify and Pelorus is breaking the streaming concept with more than 40.000 streams with his debut: Alive. It was an instant crush for us - a song that seems built for playlists like Sad Songs. Before telling you more about him, here's the song you need to listen: Just out of… Continue reading

Haux – Touch · Indie Alternative

We're glad to introduce you one of our favourite artists this year. Haux (Woodson Black) is a singer / songwhisperer born in London and raised in Massachusetts. We stumbled upon him with his first songs - we got so excited when we found Homegrown or Seaside. His style and signature is clearly unique, the sound… Continue reading

FKJ – Go Back Home · Indie Alternative

You don't usually find amazing music like this one - this brilliant DJ FKJ (or French Kiwi Juice, that gave name to the album as well) presents himself with this debut, launched in March the 3rd. Since then his profile gathered millions of streams, giving us faith that the audiences still love a good fresh song… Continue reading

Share Spotify Playlist In Our Browse

So you probably know us - playlists are our world, we stress the importance of finding music through independent channels like ours; unbiased, pure and close to the artists. Our taste is sharped day by day with the hundreds of submissions received daily; bad news for some artists, good news for others and a glorious sensation… Continue reading

Ed Whicher – Unspoken Words · Indie Alternative

Quiet and talented, the band leaded by Ed Whicher lands into our Indie / Alternative monthly playlist to provide your cozy music dose. We discovered them months ago and they've been leading our Undiscovered & Brilliant playlist since the very beginning of the year. We're introducing Ed Whicher with their debut 'Unspoken Words'. Be sure to send… Continue reading

Luca Fogale, Bluebirds and Villains

Folk becomes something extraordinary when Luca Fogale plays the notes and sings in whispers. One of the best voices we've found this year, full of emotion and deep in his composition. When talking about acoustic sound, his voice becomes something richer as you can notice a vibration and a cry you were missing in some… Continue reading